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Podiatrist Serving Denver, CO

Two practices under one roof. Two experienced physicians providing compassionate foot and ankle care.

The Diabetic Foot and Wound Center was started in 1993 to provide advanced wound care in Denver for a growing diabetic population as well as for patients with all types of lower extremity wounds. Dr. Jaakola and Dr. Weber remain dedicated to healing wounds and saving limbs. Dr. Jaakola has been named co-director of Rose Medical Center’s Amputation Prevention Center (APC). The APC will provide even more cutting-edge technology and a strong multi-disciplinary team to heal even the most difficult wounds. Both Dr. Jaakola and Dr. Weber will care for patients at the APC, while continuing to staff the Diabetic Foot and Wound Center in Denver.

Colorado Sports Podiatry was opened under the same roof in 2005. Dr. Jaakola and Dr. Weber have expanded the Denver practice to treat the full scope of foot and ankle conditions. In a healthy and active state like Colorado, we recognize that professional and recreational athletes alike want to stay active in their sport. And we don’t want aching or injured feet to stop them. We offer conservative care whenever possible to keep our patients going. We also provide surgical solutions, when appropriate, for everything from fractures to bunions to complex flat foot reconstruction.

In addition to the above, our podiatrists Dr. Jaakola and Dr. Weber treat ingrown toenails, heel pain, Achilles Pain (tendonitis), foot and ankle arthritis, bunions, foot surgery, dermatologic conditions affecting the feet, and much more….. We invite you to e-mail or call our Denver podiatry office with any questions via the contact us or request an appointment page of our Web site.  We look forward to meeting you!